In 2012 we increase the number of characters of standard page up to 1,800!
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The rates below are standard (noncommittal) for written technical translations from German and English into Polish and vice versa. Pricing is based on a standard page containing 1,600 characters including spacing.


Unlike most translation offices, our pricing is based on source text, allowing us to calculate the costs of translation before the translation is carried out.


The rates below apply to the standard modus of translation, meaning 7 standard pages per day. Express mode, up to 10 standard pages a day, requires a 25% surcharge. The target document is formatted similar to the source text format. The prices quoted are net prices and do not include 23% value added tax (VAT).





DE -> PL

10,00 EUR

EN -> PL

10,00 EUR

PL -> DE

13,00 EUR

PL -> EN

13,00 EUR


We treat each order individually. Large volume orders and highly complex texts are, in particular, subject to individual negotiations. The editing of pictures is also calculated individually in accordance with the level of effort involved.


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